assetHDPlus Asset Management tools track assets categories that can be customized to meet customer preference, examples are: hardware systems, software investments, building and machinery, vehicles, etc. by region or department.

HDPlus can help you manage IT assets in real-time, or via manual input. HDPlus provides an automatic discovery engine (optional) that scans your companies network searching and validating assets. Identifying new assets or alerting if something has changed since the last asset discovery. Typically for HW, information such as where a device is located, date acquired, cost, IP address, machine name, machine serial number, CPU/Memory/disk usage and active applications.

For SW assets description of the software asset, part number, manufacture, serial number, version number, date installed and cost.

Asset (HW and SW) records can be linked to the procurement or vendor module(s) where information is tracked regarding, P.O., depreciation schedules, maintenance coverage, vendor, and contract expiration dates.

Reports – Our IT management software can generate reports at any time, providing a physical machine or software asset list for inventory or year-end statements, including license data. If the (optional) discovery engine is enabled reports (and alerts) can be generated regarding systems that appear to be experiencing performance issues eliminating problems before they create an outage. These reports can be grouped any number of ways including application, type, department, or region.

Software license reports are already formatted per typical software vendor requirements, further reducing your exposure to software license audits.

Dashboard – Current status of the number of systems installed, how many are online, and any alerts are generated.

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