Your Content Goes Every company needs a data management system that they can rely on, and the more complex demands that are placed on an IT system, the harder it is to maintain that reliability. HDPlus IT has the benefit of over 30 years’ worth of industry experience, serving Fortune 500 companies, international corporations, and private equity groups. Through our suite of IT management software, we help our clients develop systems that are as easy to use as they are robust. We provide support by managing IT functions such as service desk software ticket management, change control, disaster recovery, and project management. Through our Software as a Service (SaaS) model, our help desk support can be accessed without ever having to install any software. In addition to our IT management and service desk software, we also provide consulting services supporting master data management, data governance, Oracle and SAP ERP applications, big data analytics, divestiture, and transition management. We also provide implementation assistance and HDPlus user training. From point-of-sale up through logic-enabled workflow and facility management systems, HDPlus IT has the ability to streamline your IT system, reducing downtime and increasing cost-effectiveness. Our fee structure is based on the number of IT users per month, meaning that our services can change as your company grows. Use the right system to stay out in front of problems, and keep your business operating smoothly and effectively. Sign up of a 30-day demo of HDPlus, and let us convince you how much your company can benefit from a streamlined and robust IT system.