ceo1Working as consultants and/or contractors, for small, large, and international companies, has provided HDPlus staff with an extensive knowledge of master data management processes and data governance.

Our consulting background can provide resolution to critical issues plaguing organizations such as poor data quality and lack of data governance. Important to the resolution, is our ability to identify current data management procedures, and to isolate and resolve legacy sources that have contributed to poor master data quality. We can provide a master data quality assessment that will architect a process to cleanse data and to establish a data governance policy.

“A good data governance policy is designed to disappear, not end, or stop, but to change behavior so that master data creation going forward is closely governed and becomes automatic. Data Governance, John Ladley 2012″

Our Data Quality Assessment will provide the foundation for advanced, long-term solutions such as:

  • MDM – Master Data Management
  • EIM – Enterprise Information Management
  • DG – Data Governance

The impact of poor master data quality can be more detrimental to an organization than poor hardware reliability or inadequate software functionality. The financial cost of poor master data quality can transverse everything from supply-chain management, inventory, assets, customer service, vendors, and contracts. Our 30-years of IT Management experience can provide resolution to your master data quality issues.