HDPlus includes IT management software capability for IT purchase control. Systems, equipment, and services acquisition can be managed via this module. It contains the ability to manage the purchase, maintain and circulate the approval process, links to current IT Budget module (optional), and generates reminders to key staff and management that a task associated with a given purchase is due to be completed.

Contract purchases are also linked to the Asset Management module and automatically updated. PO’s and purchase documentation can be generated and linked to the IT Budget Management module, providing the organization with a complete IT department management process in a simple to use service desk software. Reminders are automatically generated notifying responsible parties a contract renewal is approaching.

When an order is submitted to the IT project management software, detailed documentation can be attached to the record for review as it navigates the approval process. A log is maintained of who needs to approve a given purchase amount, and reminders are automatically issued to each approver as the acquisition moves from one level of approval to the next.

The entire approval process is fully automated, initiating emails to key stakeholders and follow-up emails. Should a purchase be disapproved along the process, logic is built in to handle this exception until the process once again resumes the approval path. When a typical procurement activity is launched, the department budget is referenced, and should an acquisition exceed the forecasted budget, an additional level of approval is required, engaging appropriate finance approval.

IT Procurement handles both Capex and Opex purchases. The system automatically calculates depreciation and forecast the depreciation spread to the budget. Lease management includes a calculation to validate if the lease qualifies as an operation lease based on business finance requirements established during system setup. Customers have the option to define their own lease approval metrics.