handWithin the HDPlus business management software is an included contract management module that will permit you to log all of the essential data pertaining to a contract, such as: representative or other key contact information, costs, start and end dates, and key alert milestones. A copy of the original contract is also viewable within the IT management software. By scanning and attaching the contract to a vendor master record, contracts can be reviewed from any location via your desktop or iPhone. By entering in key information, contracts can be searched for vendors who offer the most favorable terms. HDPlus notifies you when a contract is ending so that you are always prepared.

The system has the ability to link to the asset management module cross-referencing systems so a report can be produced listing system’s coverage level, service contact information, and contract requirements.

Alerts are generated to the dashboard when a contract renewal is pending. HDPlus provides contract summary or detail reports.

RFP Quotation – Management capability is included with pre-designed RFP templates which can be used during contract negotiations or major purchase activities. Multiple vendors can compete online for your business based on your requirements. Using the optional portal capabilities of HDPlus, you can post the RFP online and give your vendors access; the vendor can then submit their bids per your specifications streamlining the tasks of collecting multiple bids. You will be notified when all bids have arrived or when a cutoff date occurs.

New Vendors – All of the required vendor documents for your organization, including W9, Vendor form, NDA, or any other required documents are included in the system as templates which you can be modified, customized, and attached.

Vendor Scorecard – Included in this module is a process called Vendor Scorecard. This is a tool that your team can use to capture key information regarding vendor performance, incident management, response time, etc. The scorecard has roughly 50 criteria tabulating a score from 1 to 10; providing a composite score of vendor’s performance. This is an excellent tool for quarterly or annual customer-vendor meetings providing a very effective tool to help vendors improve their level of support.

IT Chargeback – Tables are maintained allowing department categories to be assigned with a percentage of chargeback costs tied back to support contracts, equipment/software depreciation, and telecommunications.

Dashboard – Any contract expiring or machine coverage lapsing will generate an alert to the dashboard.