The rigors of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance can be insurmountable tasks, but with the help of the HD Plus business management software SOX compliance becomes a breeze.

HDPlus has developed an audit tracking system within its IT management software to help manage SOX audit compliance. HDPlus includes the ability to assist IT departments during system audits, removing the stress and uncertainty from your audits. When auditors arrive, user accounts are created within the IT/HR module that will give external auditors access to certain system records and policy. Access for the auditors is carefully managed by management approval and access given via the IT/HR module as an external resource.

During an audit, auditors are also given access to the Policy Management module where policies and compliance can be reviewed. Any audit finding automatically triggers a ticket within HDPlus. Tickets are assigned for resolution and tracked until fully resolved. Audit tickets are also handled as a change control ticket, in that, to successfully close an audit ticket the auditor must also approve the ticket closing. Access to the previous audit history and tickets are also provided to the auditor for reference.

Reporting – Full reporting is available for audits, including open, closed and work-in-progress points. These reports include auditor names, audit date, and compliance period.

Dashboard – Audit compliance will indicate the percentage of completion during an audit review, and on-going status on open audit points.

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