IT Project Management software.

Due to the need for many people to have built-in IT project management software, HDPlus has integrated the ability to track and report on projects into the IT management software. The Projects Management Reporting System (PMRS) can log all project activity, cost, labor usage, calculate the level of completion, and provide dashboard functionality to ensure ITIL project management standards are followed.

Project Managers will find this tool helpful via the reporting process during the daily course of their project activities as HDPlus generates reminders of tasks and milestones (gate reviews) to be completed within each project, either by email, text, or on screen.

Senior management will find this tool helpful via the reporting feature as well as updates generated from the dashboard. Embedded into the system are templates for gate reviews, routine project status meetings, minutes, etc. Monitoring of these task completions give a percentage of overall project completions reflected in the dashboard, providing a quick indicator if a project is not progressing or an issue has developed.

By including project man-hours, costs incurred, as well as other budgeted items can be tracked easily against actual spend, HDPlus has become one of the best business management software on the market. Tracking project milestones against forecasted completion dates, alerts can be generated to the project manager and upper management.Cost and labor are linked back to the IT budget module (optional).

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