hr-1HDPlus includes the capability for IT management to manage staff, provides the ability for single sign-on, and tools for employee career management. This module is linked throughout the HDPlus suite of management modules.

IT staff information is entered (or imported) into the IT/HR module, including all personal information, contact information, reporting structure, and responsibility matrix. With IT project management software, employees can be located quickly, along with up-stream and down-stream reporting structures. HDPlus has the capability to provide reports detailing department organization structure or companywide org-chart.

BRMGR linkage – individual task assignments are recorded in this module and linked to the disaster recovery / business continuity planning and management module. Task performance can be assessed and gauged to be used for year-end performance. This feature is perfect for managing help desk support effectiveness.

Employee Annual Reviews and Goals & Objectives – HDPlus will coordinate and schedule semi-annual and annual employee reviews. Goals and Objectives documentation can then be reviewed, agreed upon, and the employee’s level of performance assessed and tracked, providing valuable documentation for future employee performance reviews.

Single sign-on is a function built into the system. Each application is identified and access is granted and controlled by the corresponding manager. User name and passwords are assigned and maintained within this module. Periodically, based on company security policy, notifications are sent to employees notifying them to update passwords.

The Self-Service user password retrieval process provides a means for users that forget their passwords to recover them, therefore off-loading helpdesk tickets and needless overhead.

Employee off-ramp process – Unfortunately, at times employees leave an organization. When an employee relationship is terminated, the employee’s manager and/or HR manager has the capability to off-ramp the employee. When this process is executed, all access to applications that employee had access to is immediately suspended. This action can also be reversed by the appropriate management level.

Employee performance improvement – The HDPlus IT/HR module contains the ability to build an employee improvement plan using preloaded templates. The plan has milestones gauging performance. These are automatically scheduled with employees and managers are notified via email that a employee improvement milestone review is coming due. In order to facilitate scheduling, HDPlus has a built in automated link to office calendaring functions for all leading office management packages.

External Resources – When an external resource is created, which can be a contractor, vendor, or an auditor, the access to the system is carefully controlled and must be approved by IT management, and is automatically managed by HDPlus. Start and stop dates are set within the system so that when the contract expires, the external resource access is automatically revoked. Reminders are issued to the appropriate manager leading up to the ending date of a contractor in the event that an extension is desired.

If the external resource is an auditor, certain levels of access are provided depending on what functions or systems are being audited. Access to the Policy Management module is also granted. With this level of approval, the auditor can review company policy, access particular systems. All external vendors and auditors, at the end of the audit, system access is automatically terminated.

Periodic reminders are issued for all IT/HR functions, including annual reviews, goals and objectives, review of single sign-on access, etc.

Reporting – Full reporting is available for each employee, including goals and objectives, performance reviews, BRMGR task assignments, and organization charts.

Dashboard – Status of team/staff management is reported to the individual’s manager.