Every company needs a data management system that they can rely on, and the more complex demands that are placed on an IT system, the harder it is to maintain that reliability. HDPlus IT has the benefit of over 30 years’ worth of industry experience, serving Fortune 500 companies, international corporations, and private equity groups. Through our suite of IT management software, we help our clients develop systems that are as easy to use as they are robust. We provide support by managing IT functions such as service desk software ticket management, change control, disaster recovery, and project management. Through our Software as a Service (SaaS) model, our help desk support can be accessed without ever having to install any software.


Today and Tomorrow

Improve your customer service capabilities by automating and mobilizing your sales and service teams with innovative and cost effective, IT engineered support modules by HDPlus, LLC.

HDPlus Core

A collection of modules developed by seasoned IT professionals to aid in the management of enterprise applications.

Disaster Recovery Management

Disaster Recovery… Does every Disaster Recovery project have to be a disaster?

Asset Management

Auto Discovery, log, and track hardware and software assets. Generates reminders if maintenance is due, provides reports for software audits, and more.

Project Management

HDPlus has integrated into the system the ability to track and report on projects.

Architecture Review

Promote & enforce architecture standards to improve uptime and reduce cost. This easy to use process will gain acceptance with all departments!

IT Purchase Management

Manage and approve department purchases, be alerted when project costs are exceeding budget, can be linked to HDPlus IT Budgeting


Manage vendors, vendor scorecard proven process to improve service level, manage contracts, and generate reminders

Policy Management

Manage and generate company policies, annual policy review sent to your employees including logging their acknowledgment.

IT/HR Staff Management

Manage your IT teams, vacations, schedule annual reviews, career planning, create department org charts, and much more…

Audit Management

Audits are stressful, use HDPlus to track each audit, address each audit point to complete audits points quickly.

Solarwinds Monitoring Solutions

HDPlus provide Solarwinds interface for improved monitoring and proactive asset management.

New Products

Big Data

Take advantage of Big Data analytics using HDPlus BrData. BrData will link your SAP, Oracle, Mainframe, and Social data into a Hadoop Data Lake giving you the ability to view data from previous disparage systems.

Master Data

HDPlus MDM (Master Data Management) module provides the ability to create and manage Data Governance, Data Standards, Structure, Completeness, and Search duplicate records within your SAP or Oracle ERP system.

Global IT Knowledge

From Mainframes to Clouds


HDPlus provides enterprise consulting for manufacturing, banking, and healthcare industries. We offer 30+ years of experience supporting high-end, mission critical business systems. Our team is comprised of industry experts, who have designed and implemented strategies to reduce risk, cost, and to improve performance and reliability.

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As a major player in business transformation and information technology, HDPlus has demonstrated its competence in successfully completing large-scale projects. As a major player in business transformation and information technology, HDPlus has demonstrated its competence in successfully completing large-scale projects.

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Global IT Knowledge

Working through the complex activities involved in accessing potential carve-outs and preparing for transition management, requires a thorough understanding and careful management to ensure the strategy and approach avoids adverse impact to daily operations. Our specialized experience in the management of company separations or mergers involving complex technologies includes: Active Directory, Exchange, Security, Networks, Communications, and ERP systems, will be key to the success of the project.

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CEO’s Message

Thank you for visiting the HDPlus website and taking the time to learn more about our products and services. Having worked in the IT sector for Fortune 500′s, international companies, and private equity groups, our team of experts have gained valuable insight into IT management strategies and state-of-the-art technologies. This experience can be your ally in implementing and managing business critical applications and processes.

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Pricing Packages

HD Plus, LLC. offers a few different pricing packages based on each individual business/companies’ specific needs. HD Plus offers 4 different pricing models: Basic, Silver, Gold, and Enterprise. We developed HDPlus to be a SaaS (Software as a Service) model; there is no software to install. All are mobile and desktop ready. Try HD Plus for FREE today!

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Welcome To HD Plus 4 IT

The HDPlus suite of IT management tools is the outgrowth of expertise gained over a 30-year span, resulting in specialized tools and functionality to support IT managers in the day-to-day management of their departments.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies organize and manage various IT functions from standard ticket management, change control, disaster recovery, and project management. The tool is designed to provide complete visibility, custom dashboard, as well as ad-hoc reporting.
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